About ris

The Story of RIS Walk 60


RIS Walk 60 was born of Chef Ris Lacoste’s personal goal to lose weight and maintain a fit lifestyle. As a Chef, she realized that she is in the unique position to not only feed people market fresh, whole foods, but to also send them on the path to health in 2012. After her mother’s passing in 2010 from heart disease, she dedicated herself to building a heart-healthy future.

But she took it one step further. Chef Ris has always been known for having a big heart, through many causes such as the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, Taste of the Nation to support No Kid Hungry, DC Central Kitchen, and Knock Out Abuse. This project led her to take a personal journey one step further, and benefit the hearts of others. Enter Doctor Jannet Lewis, and those specifically those being treated at the GW Women’s Heart Institute.

RIS Walk 60 began on February 1, the first day of American Heart Month. Now that the path has been set, she is walking her way to a heart healthy future. Join her as she walks 60 minutes every weekday. This is the most beautiful time of year to put this program into place, as we are coming upon Spring and the 100th Anniversary of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. What better time to rediscover the city up close and in person?

We have a beautiful city that we sometimes take for granted as we fight morning routines and traffic. Take a step back, or actually forward; and view the city from a pedestrian vantage point. Whether it’s a trek past the beautiful Dumbarton Oaks, or a stroll past the White House, each weekday has a dedicated route designed to be walked in 60 minutes. Visit risdc on Facebook and Twitter for daily walk info and weather cancellations. If you are not local enough to walk with Ris, start your own campaign and walk in your neighborhood!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year by donating $1 per mile walked ($3 per day) to GW Women’s Heart Institute. We encourage you to join us and walk towards better hearts for all of us. One step at a time. To the heartbeat of DC.


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