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Your Next Chapter: A Woman’s Guide To A Successful Retirement

The Next Chapter

By Alexandra Armstrong, CFP® and Mary R. Donahue, Ph.D.



On-Sale Date: May 17, 2020 

ISBN: 978-1-734157-0-5

$19.99 U.S/$27.98 Canada

We’ve come a long way baby! Since World War II women’s roles in society have dramatically changed. Today, they excel in careers such as science, engineering, business, medicine, law and even sports. This has provided them with retirement funds and with these funds, the need for important decisions.  

Just as men have historically done, today women who have had rewarding work lives are now facing decisions about retirement that have both emotional and financial challenges which can be daunting.  Many have been balancing work with family responsibilities.  They have been able to multitask successfully because of their inner strength, ability to deal with change and take on challenges. Your Next Chapter provides women with the information they will need in order to be successful in navigating this complex time in their lives.

The two authors—a psychologist and a financial planner—speak to this topic from personal and professional experience. In their prior best-selling book On Your Own: A Widow’s Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being, they helped women through the transition to life on their own.  In this new book, they once again guide women through another major transition in their lives.

Using the hypothetical examples of four women in different situations, Your Next Chapter is designed to steer women on their personal journey in this new phase of their lives.  It walks readers through the decisions they need to make and explores the choices available to them such as: 

  • Understanding their financial situation
  • Adjusting to a life without a professional identity
  • Identifying what they’re feeling and recognizing how it impacts them.
  • Developing a plan of action to meet emotional and financial needs
  • Health factors to consider
  • Developing structure and purpose in retirement
  • Managing family and social relationships 

After so many years of working, raising a family and more, all women deserve to have the retirement they choose. In Your Next Chapter, women will find the answers to the concerns they have and will face at different times.  They also will be reassured that they are not alone, other women are dealing with the same issues. 

About the Authors

Alexandra Armstrong is chairman and founder of the financial advisory firm, Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc. She has long been an advocate for financial planning for women and is the co-author of On Your Own: A Widow’s Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being. Armstrong was a founder of the non-profit Foundation for Financial Planning which has provided pro-bono foundation planning for more than two decades.

Mary R. Donahue has a successful psychology practice in the Washington, DC area focused on families in crisis and women’s issues. Co-author of On Your Own: A Widow’s Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being, she has spoken frequently for both professional and lay groups including the American Bar Association. 

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