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ENTRY 5/28/2020

Stay positive. Love your neighbor. Be kind. Follow the golden rule. We are all equal. Love yourself.

 See you next week. Have a great weekend. Sunday is gonna be a beauty.


ENTRY 5/27/2020

Time flies when you are having fun.
Let’s enjoy as many minutes as we can.


ENTRY 5/26/2020

Sold lots of just picked market items today. Thank you. We have lots so please keep those orders coming. Hope you are enjoying them.

Hopefully we will have some news this week on next steps. Amen is right that DC had no C-19 deaths yesterday. Let’s keep up the great work. I myself stayed home all weekend. The time will come when we can all meet in the sandbox and play.

Stay safe.

ENTRY 5/25/2020

We will stay in touch with our plans as things unfold this week with phased DC business openings and PPP definitions outlined. We will continue our take out and delivery service for quite some time however. Thank you all for your great support!  Please Do Keep Ordering!  And order the Farmer's Market treats. We are helping Jesus Ochoa keep his family farm alive. Everything he grows is so beautiful. I am a kid in a candy store when I go to market on Saturday. Please buy all. You will love it. And it is good for you! I myself am having an arugula salad for dinner. A salad a day keeps the doctor away. And a lot of water and less carbs and apples in the fall.

Love you all!

ENTRY 5/21/2020

Have a great weekend. We will be closed on Monday but will be back here for you on Tuesday. Let us know what you need.

Thank you.

ENTRY 5/20/2020

The ability to be grateful is a beautiful thing.


ENTRY 5/19/2020

Just listened a young man sing What A Wonderful World on the Voice. The world is wonderful. Let’s all do as many things as we can today for each other to make it an even better place to be. We at RIS are starting with butterscotch pudding, some cheddar biscuits, lots of ice cream and those strawberries....

We appreciate you all very much!  Have a great one!


ENTRY 5/18/2020

Times are indeed tough. I am drinking vodka on the rocks. No gin in the house. 😷😷😷Buy greens today and strawberries!

ENTRY 5/17/2020

Memorial Day is around the corner already!  Let us all remember those who have given their lives for our freedom and add to that list those who have recently given their lives for our health.

Let's make it a great weekend! Let us know what you will need in your larder.


ENTRY 5/14/2020

It is going to be a glorious and warm weekend. Let’s all promise ourselves to go outside and get some Vitamin D sunshine. πŸŒžβ˜€οΈπŸ˜·  I’ll be at the market. πŸ“πŸ₯’πŸ₯¬My best to you all.

ENTRY 5/13/2020

So we found out today that we will be at this for a while. How can we help you? What would you like us to being you? Do send us some ideas and tell all you know about us. Forward our menus to your friends. Spread the good RIS food word.  Help us knock this new normal out of the park.

Many thanks.

ENTRY 5/12/2020

Introducing to our shopping list Santa Lucia Estate Grown coffee from
Nicaragua, the coffee we serve at RIS. We drink it every day and love it! Please let is know if there is anything else you would like us to make available for you.

 Meanwhile, buy the delicious market greens. They will make a world of difference in your life!


ENTRY 5/11/2020

During this coronavirus craziness I have moved on from gin to Ravi’s manhattans. It was Ravi’s birthday today. Buy one of his cocktails and virtually sit at his bar and wish him well!!! He has been a rock for us through all of this!

That’s all I have to say today.
Love you all.
Buy more greens.


ENTRY 5/10/2020

I am so excited to be able to offer you a full list today of what is available at the farmers market. I hope you take advantage. It makes a world of difference. I love going to the market and will continue to bring back all that is in season. You know that spring is here when asparagus and strawberries are on the table. Thanks to all of you I can continue to help support our farmers as you continue to support us.

Eat well,

ENTRY 5/7/2020

Secrets to a great salad. Here is a recipe for a classic French vinaigrette:

Makes 2 cups

1/2 cup red wine, tarragon or Champagne vinegar

1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard, preferably Maille brand

2 shallots, diced

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup peanut oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper

  • Place a mixing bowl atop a wet towel on your counter. The towel will stop the bowl from slipping and allow you to use both hands to make your dressing.
  • Add the vinegar, mustard and shallots to the bowl and whisk until well mixed.
  • Slowly drizzle the olive oil into the mix with one hand while whisking continuously with the other hand.
  • Continue with the peanut oil and stop after 2/3 of a cup.  A good acidic vinegar will take in a ratio of 3:1 oil to vinegar before the emulsified cells break.  Taste by dipping a piece of lettuce in the vinaigrette to see if it is to your liking.  If too acidic, continue with the remainder of the oil. Taste again.  It all depends on your vinegar and how acidic it is as to how much oil it will take. Balsamic vinegar, for example, usually takes in a lot less oil. That's why it is good to know your vinegar well.  Do note that you can tell if you have added too much oil.  In the emulsification, each cell will take in only so much oil.  Just like in making a mayonnaise, the second you add that extra drop of oil the emulsification will break.  With a mayonnaise you can visually see the break.  Your gorgeous fluffy mayo turns into a puddle.  With a vinaigrette, you can taste the break.  The acid and the fat will be totally separate on your tongue.  You will get a very sharp acid and then a flabby fat will follow.  It is magic!  Now back to the vinaigrette.
  • When you think you have achieved perfection as your bite of dressed, hydrated lettuce tells you, do a final season to taste with salt and pepper.  
  • A perfect emulsification will hold for a while but it will eventually separate.  Just shake it to mix like you would do any other dressing.  
  • Keep refrigerated. If the oil solidifies, bring it to room temperature before using.


ENTRY 5/6/2020

Salad class continues tomorrow.  Love you!


ENTRY 5/5/2020

Secrets to a great salad. Make your own dressing.

Understood. There are many good dressings out there. And it could not be easier than to shake and pour. But if you want to make your own, here are a few good tips:

~find good quality vinegar and keep in your larder. I use for basics: red wine, balsamic, white balsamic, Champagne, tarragon and aged sherry.

~good oils.  I like Italian or French extra virgin olive oil for vinaigrette. Does not have to be the finishing quality oil but good peppery, fruity oil. I also blend with peanut oil, hazelnut oil and walnut oil. The nut oils do go rancid more quickly so keep them refrigerated.

~Dijon mustard. In my opinion, Maille is the absolute best. Actually available at Giant.  

~shallots and garlic are good to have around.

More to come tomorrow. We are up at 5:00 am for an ABC Channel 7 photo shoot as we prep lunches for GW hospital with OffTheirPlate.Org.  I am done for the day!  

Thank you!


ENTRY 5/4/2020

Secrets to a great salad. ‘Tis the season for greens. Nice cool spring weather. They will come back in the fall but no reason to wait.

The very best thing you can do to fall in love with your salad is to hydrate your greens. Whether those greens are the fruits of your own green thumb, from the farmer’s market stand, or from a bag from the supermarket; they all need to be hydrated. Chop, trim as needed, open up that bag and put your mixture of greens in plenty of COLD water. Let hydrate for a good 10 minutes. Lift from the water in batches, leaving any possible dirt behind, right into a salad spinner.  (NB: Do invest in a salad spinner if not yet in your kitchen. OXO makes a good one.) Spin away. Lift the dry greens (NB: wet greens will not hold the dressing and the flavor will be diluted.) from the spinner and place on an already laid out double layer of paper towels. Roll the towels and greens together and put in a plastic bag and into the fridge. Your greens will stay crisp and fresh for several days. Whenever you make your salad take note of that first bite...


ENTRY 5/3/2020

Made my day today... I was driving down 23rd street from Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market and I saw two children on their bikes with their mom. All were masked and as cute as can be.  My windows were open and I was at a stop light so I called out to the girl, about 4-5 years old, that I loved her mask.  She called back and gave me a cheery thank you. “It’s pink!” she said.  Her cutie younger brother, 2-3 years old, clad in a gold and black striped mask, didn’t miss a beat and called out to me and very genuinely said, “I like your mask!”  Omg. Way to go, Mom!  The light turned green.



ENTRY 6/25/2020

Stay Safe! Order up for the weekend!


ENTRY 6/24/2020

Too much going on! Making lemonade!


ENTRY 6/23/2020

As much as I want business to boom, believe me I do, we must all continue to be smart and FEAR THE VIRUS! We will be opening in two weeks and we will follow all guidelines and we will welcome all!  But we must learn to accept our new way of life and be fully aware of our interactions with others. We must learn a new level of respect for each other’s space and have the generous spirit to protect each other as we protect ourselves. Then we will conquer. Can’t wait to hug you. That day will come. Maybe not on the 8th when we open. But it will come.

Happy Summer. See you all soon!

ENTRY 6/22/2020

Order your meatloaf today. May be going away soon!


ENTRY 6/21/2020

Ris’s Soup Kitchen will stay open for take out and delivery well in to the future if not forever.
RIS will open for indoor dining on Wednesday, July 8.
We are getting the stage set and will take a mini break for the 4th of July weekend.
We will comply with all Covid guidelines.
We will ask you to comply as well for the safety of everyone.
But rest assured we will welcome you back to our world with open hearts and give you as comfortable, wonderful and delicious an experience as we can possibly muster. It is what we do.
We look forward to seeing you.

Make your reservations now on RESY or call us at 202-730-2500.

Thank you for being by our side.

Entry 6/18/2020

Happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful dads out there! And Happy Summer! Let’s hope this season’s πŸ…, πŸ‰ and πŸ‘ are all blessed by mother nature!Love you.

Entry 6/17/2020

To everyone who reads this blog, answer if you will...are you ready to go out to dinner? Would love to know.  Send your response to

Thanks. Ris

Entry 6/16/2020

We are getting ready for Father’s Day. BBQ short ribs, collards, baked beans, corn bread, market vegetable slaw. Cherry cream soda ice cream floats. Maybe lemon meringue pie and butterscotch pudding. Sounds good to me!


Entry 6/15/2020

Tacos and tortilla soup. OMG. Our neighbors and friends south of the border really know how to eat! Celebrate the day with a CC Margarita!


Entry 6/14/2020

Summer is here at the end of the week! Strawberries πŸ“ are gone 😞 but cherries, melons πŸ‰  and peaches πŸ‘  are on their way!  πŸ˜ŽSee today’s menu for this week’s market treats.

ENTRY 6/11/2020

Boarded up but making plans...

Have a great weekend!


ENTRY 6/10/2020

June is a big month in my New England family. Many birthdays. Many wedding anniversaries, including that of my parents; Rene and Yvonne, both of French Canadian descent. I have always been and always will be forever grateful that I and my beautiful family were some of the lucky ones in life, born of such amazing people. For that reason alone I will forever look for opportunities to give to those who were not so lucky. Thanks mom and dad for your gift of love and respect. The streets are telling us that we are in great need of such gifts.


ENTRY 6/9/2020

We sold tons of produce today. Keep it up. I want you all
Love it as much as I do!!!  πŸŒžπŸ“πŸ’πŸ₯¦πŸ₯’πŸ₯”πŸ§…πŸ§„πŸ₯¬

ENTRY 6/8/2020

Stay healthy. Eat a big salad every day!

'Tis the Season!


ENTRY 6/7/2020

Let’s talk about foods in season today. Asparagus is just about gone as well as less hearty salad greens πŸ₯¬.  They will return in the fall when cooler weather prevails. Strawberries πŸ“ and broccoli πŸ₯¦ maybe another week.  Heartier greens like kale, collards and chard will be around. Radishes will hang in for a while as well. Potatoes πŸ₯” are here!  Yay!  Nothing like a just picked potato!  That’s what they are suppose to taste like. Pole beans and zucchini arrived on campus this week. They will be around for most of the summer. Peas are still here but not for long. Blueberries should be popping up. No stone fruit or melonsπŸ‰  out yet. Tomatoes πŸ… in July. Cherries πŸ’ are out in my back yard so expecting them soon. I loaded up with gorgeous produce this weekend. Today is the day to have it on your table.
Thank you. Stay safe.


ENTRY 6/4/2020

Lots of folks coming into the District on Saturday. Stay safe. Pray for peaceful gatherings. A friend hugged me today. Boy did it feel good! Buy a lot of food from us today to be well nourished through these unsettled times. Keep smiling. Be kind. We will get through.


ENTRY 6/3/2020

Lots of good things on the menu today to help us all keep our spirits up.
Good things will happen. Promise.


ENTRY 6/2/2020

Be nice! Did you vote today?


ENTRY 6/1/2020

Be kind to each other. See yourself in every person.  Put yourself in their shoes. And remember when you speak you are most often saying something you already know. When you listen, you just might learn something. And one last rule that guides my thoughts and writings. Everything you say or write should be two of the following: true, kind, necessary. Enjoy this last day of lovely spring weather.


ENTRY 5/31/2020

Life is getting harder. Please pray that all good will come from this. We will be in touch with opening plans. Stay safe, everyone!



ENTRY 4/30/2020

I have the comfort of my restaurant and my wonderful staff to keep me going every day. I am a very lucky lady. We continue to nourish people which is what we do. However, I ventured out of my routine today for the first time in 7 weeks to get my new old Saab inspected and of course the inspection station was closed. The real world. I paused. We are indeed all in this together. The whole world. There is solace in that. But we do need to continue to help the neediest among us. May you have a good weekend.

Thank you.

ENTRY 4/29/2020

We sent 15 gallons of soup: Tomato, Portuguese Kale with Linguica, and Carrot Ginger with Ambrosia; 15 gallons of salad and house made rolls to GW hospital today. Working with OFF THEIR PLATE. Good stuff! Thank you to all who volunteered and helped to make it happen! And to all of you wonderful folks who are keeping us going to be able to do what we do. ❀️


ENTRY 4/28/2020

Don’t forget your farmers. Markets are open. Go to Shopping is a little different but so worth it. I will be be at Court House every Saturday and hopefully at Dupont on Sunday. The season is upon us. We will all be happier!


ENTRY 4/27/2020

Not much to say today. Happy to be home.


ENTRY 4/26/2020

We all need a hug!  Can’t wait!  I am sooo ready. Some really good friends came by on Friday to pick up their order. Drove all the way from Olney. The 6 feet felt like miles. Almost awkward. Don’t let that happen. Know that I love you. And you. And you and you!

Thank you all.

P.S.  All must read the NYT op ed from Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune in NYC. Beautiful! Love her writing. Love her food.

ENTRY 4/23/2020

I think we are going to be at this for a while. Time to revitalize! Watching the NFL draft. Do you think we will be at football games this fall? Have a great weekend everyone!!


ENTRY 4/22/2020

Silver Lining. I am loving this cool spring and clean air!  It was gorgeous today!  It is indeed a pleasure to get out every day and meet all of you. I have to remind myself that “...this too shall pass,” the good and the bad. Seize the day!


ENTRY 4/21/2020

Brady and Gronk together again. There is reason to live!  


ENTRY 4/20/2020

To our dear customers.  We sold out of meatloaf today!   We will make more. Business is picking up and we thank you so much for spreading the word. Send us your ideas. We can make anything and are wide open to all of your suggestions.  Thank you. These are special times.

Love you all,

ENTRY 4/19/2020

Let’s hope for a great week. Let’s make new goals for ourselves. Drink a lot of water?  Listen to more music?  Less carbs!!!!!  Life has gotten a bit simpler. Let’s enjoy it!

Love you all!  Thank you all!

ENTRY 4/16/2020

I am very happy to say that today RIS committed to partnering with to feed local health care workers and by doing so being able to bring some more folks back to work. Go to if you would like to donate and read about them. They are just launching in DC. We will be serving Georgetown and GW hospitals along with other locations. Thanks to all of you we are at a point now that we can add this support to our routine. Yay!!!

Love you,

ENTRY 4/15/2020

It’s the little things, isn’t it?  We get to focus on them a little more.  We will not have this time again, God willing, so let’s make the best of it. Little goals every day without the stress to perform. Acts of kindness go a long way. And they make you feel good.

Love you all,

ENTRY 4/14/2020

I have never been much of a fashion statement as much as I admire high fashion. As I have been gathering my mask wardrobe, thanks to the gifts of the many good souls out there sewing for our safety, I have had a chuckle or two about the simple fact that I am trying to coordinate my mask with my outfit du jour. Mind you those outfits are always black so the coordination is none too difficult. I am so very eager to see what the fashionistas will do with the mask.


ENTRY 4/13/2020

I spent Easter Sunday doing the Tiger King binge. Not sure it was a smart thing to do.  But today’s stormy weather got me back on track!  Love the wind.


ENTRY 4/12/2020

Still looking for those silver linings. They are definitely out there. I am constantly blown away with all of the truly heroic to the simple gestures of kindness that we see every day. I love the bringing together of families and neighbors. I hesitate to say that it is one of the Gifts that C-19 will give us, this pause, this remembering who we are, but I do not hesitate to say that we owe it to all who have died and to their loved ones to keep this good will in our lives and hearts forever and ever present in our every day.

Love you,

P.S. Look up Reverend Curry’s Easter Sermon. Beautiful.

ENTRY 4/8/2020

The city is In bloom!  I walked out my front door this morning for some reason other than being on auto pilot out the back door and I was blown away with the amazingly powerful beauty and scent of my lilac tree in full bloom, my pear blossoms and sour cherry tree blossoms, and that venerable dog wood. Good morning world!  Such beauty takes your breath away!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all of our friends! Thanks for being on this crazy road with us.

Stay safe and happy.

Love you, Ris

ENTRY 4/7/2020

When I said yesterday that I can’t wait to hug someone again, it was a reaction to watching a group of young folks hugging each other at the coffee shop across the street. I paused. What is so part of me, giving good, energy transferring, healing hugs, looked so foreign at that moment, as far away from reality as those kids were. I was jealous as sin. I know we will be able to hug again. Stay safe.

Love you, Ris

ENTRY 4/6/2020

I can't wait to hug someone again!


ENTRY:  4/5/2020

Today was such a gorgeous day!  It is a gift to be able to pause and take it in. Stay safe. Keep each other safe.  Please.

Love you. Ris

ENTRY 4/2/2020
 Reminding myself of things other than “you know what” in this Silver Lining Series. Since some of us have a little more time on our hands... Long hot showers.  Forever long luxurious bubble baths - try Epsom Salts and 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide in a full tub of water with your favorite bubble bath. Draws out the toxins from your pores - an amazing massage therapist taught me so.
 And once rejuvenated do file your 2020 Census! Our civic duty.
 Have a great day!  Change it up!  Get outside so that you enjoy being home. Don’t feel trapped!
 Love you, Ris
 ENTRY  4/1/2020
 Well I did not hear “April Fools” once today. I guess we are not quite ready to joke around. I talked to so
 many people today and conversations are all tied up in coronavirus.  How can they not be?  But my mission tomorrow is to change the subject. Wish me luck!!
 More good remedies to fight the big fight - probiotics daily, saline nasal spray, lots of water!
 Seize the day!  No matter what...
 Love you, Ris


ENTRY 3/31/2020

 So much better today!!!  Thank you for asking!  I had a good long talk with myself last night.  I reminded myself of the so many lessons learned telling me that when you give a lot you MUST save some for yourself. So I confirmed to myself  that I must stay healthy. Mom came into clear focus with her great home remedies.  I am on a twice daily drill to keep my good health  intact and keep that nasty virus at bay.   Here they are:
 1.  Onion syrup:  slice lots of onions into rings and put them in a bowl. Cover the onions with a good amount of sugar. Cover the bowl with a plate or saran wrap and let steep out at room temperature until the sugar extracts the onion juices and a syrup develops. Take a couple of tablespoons twice daily to let the onion juice sweat the lungs and keep things clear. Really delicious. I know white sugar is bad but times are a little crazy right now.
 2.  Gargle with highly salted warm water at least twice daily. Hopefully kills whatever is lurking about.
 3.  Drink a big ol’ glass of hot water with vinegar 2-3 times daily. I have ginger vinegar right now.   Ginger is good for the lungs like onions are. Cider vinegar is good for the system as well.
 Lots of water. Lots of vitamin C. Lots of sunshine 🌞 and walk a bit! And thanks also Mom at times like this for that big family of ourswith our very strong immune systems. We had it all as kids!  Be good to yourself. Hope you laughed yesterday. Try it again today! 
 Love you, Ris
 ENTRY 3/30/2020
 Today was hard for some reason. I found that the silver lining was evading me. I kept on asking, “Where are you?”  What about you?  It was a sunny🌞 Beautiful afternoon. True. How did you change your day around today?  I had to buy laundry detergent and distilled water and everyone at the store was zombie like.  I was praying that a flash mob would appear breaking in to song!  Or someone simply yelling out, “lighten up!”  Stay strong everyone. We have a long row to hoe!  Comedy. A good belly laugh will do wonders right now. Call your funniest friend. We all have one or two...Love you, Ris  
 ENTRY 3/29/2020

The CDC Guidelines are extended. We will be together but apart for more weeks to

come. Wonderful news!  Isn’t it?  So, here we are. We will be cooking up new things for you while keeping some favorites on the menu and keeping our supplies and staff limited. Let us know what you would like. What would make your day?  Let me know when I deliver or tell us when you call or email.  Meanwhile, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs. Tell a good joke. And do get some sunshine 🌞!  Love you!-Ris

ENTRY:  3/26/20
 Well, well, well!  How are we all doing?  Let’s count our blessings, shall we?  

  • Spring is here!
  • We can walk and run and bike with a lot less pollution in the air.
  • If you don’t jump right away when the light turns green there is no one behind you to yell at you with their horn!  Love that!  
  • We can catch up on some good reading. Recommendations anyone?  Here are some novels recently suggested to me:
    • Clockmakers Daughter
    • Crawdads
    • Silent Patient
    • Before We Were Yours
  • We can appreciate each other a little more. The great equalizer is at our door!  

 How is your garden growing?  Remember that Farmers’ Markets are open. Just keep your distance.  They will love to see you!  


ENTRY:  3/25/20
 I think today's great blessings once again are the smiles of the dear folks who so generously and gratefully receive our deliveries.  One of the lovely ladies even offered to cook for me when this has all washed away.  Isolation is an interesting thing, especially for people like us who are around people all day every day.  I am almost eager to go home and be alone.  On the other side of the coin, I am sure for so many, that glimpse of one other person, delivering spaghetti, as scary as the prospect is to them to be near another person, there is a bright light shining in their eyes when they see you. Thrills me to no end.   I wonder how long we can keep this up with smiles and sanity.  Certainly an experience to say the least.  One day at a time.  Conquer each new obstacle as it comes and don't dream up any more than we already have right in front of us.  AND the docs say drink warm liquids, preferably with vinegar/acid, often in the course of the day.  Harrumph!  That brings me to our soups - a warm liquid, many, like our borscht, with acid - borscht has lemon juice and red wine vinegar - soul satisfying and healing.  Chicken, Lime and Tortilla is coming up soon.  Bourbon Butternut Squash along with it. I am sure they mean teas and hot water and such but I personally think soups fit the bill quite you all!  Be safe.

ENTRY:  3/24/20
 What made your day today?  What is the best thing that happened?  For me it was NOT hearing Tom Brady being interviewed about his new team.  Tampa Bay!  Tom Brady!  TB!  NOT happy about that ONE BIT! No, I think it had to have been that drive down Reno Road as I was making deliveries and being blown away, as I am every year, with the majesty of DC in pink! Thanks, Tom, for 20 years!  Not sure why it couldn't be more.....
 And speaking ever so indirectly of Boston, Prince Spaghetti Day, the New England patriots and the like, don't forget to order your spaghetti and meatballs.  We only have 34 orders.  

ENTRY:  3/23/20
 Hello Everyone.  The cold rain certainly didn't help today but Mother Nature thereby did provide me a longer delivery schedule which did thereby create a few more smiles. It is an absolute pleasure to hand over those pot pies or that meat loaf to happy and appreciative recipients. My thanks to each and every one of you!
 And one more thing...thank you Trader Joe’s for guiding us through the discipline of social distancing. In line out side the door we were, 6 feet apart, allowing no more than 20 customers in the store at a time, one in and one out with a sanitized handled cart.  Slows us down a bit but maybe that is ok.  See you soon!  Keep in mind that Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day in Boston and at RIS!!!!

ENTRY:  3/22/20

 To all of our dear neighbors, friends, family and customers.  I am so honored and privileged to have such a great staff and such a wonderful clientele, many of whom have become our friends.  We are here for each other, that is for sure.  You have all proven it to me time and time and time again. Well, we are here for you !!  Stay safe,  keep your distance, walk in the sunshine and let us help you stay nourished.
 Look after your neighbors.  Send me good words, share good stories, funny stories, reflections, that we can post here.  Stay positive, smell those roses that are about to bloom.  
 With heartfelt thanks and love,

 ο»ΏENTRY:  3/20/20

 These are tough times and silver linings can be hard to find, and so we  wanted to let you know that your efforts, in the form of your fabulous pot pies, brought great delight to many yesterday.
 We delivered two to the home of a dear friend who is recovering from surgery and she wrote to us later to say that it “Was the best pot pie I have ever had, even better than my Nana’s!”  Our next delivery was to Paula’s son who is continuing his college education “online” and was in the midst of a web-math class when we arrived. We delivered four for so he might share with his roommates. He quickly advised Paula that they looked delicious and he was keeping all of them for himself!
 Then finally we came home and enjoyed the last two ourselves by the fireplace with a glass of Sancerre.
 Your Team’s talent and your efforts brought comfort and some real pleasure to others.  All of us should try to do the same in these trying time.
 We thank you so much!
 Paula and Patrick
 Patrick J. S.