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Photo of Janell Dixon

Janell Dixon


On a warm and sparkling morning at the end of summer, Chef Janell entered galactic history fully cognizant of the past, present, and future. As a toddler, she lead full scale revolts against secret oligarchies in unknown realms. When her battles through space-time were won she settled in our dimension. She lived her teenage years covertly battling unseen evils on both American coastlines, before ultimately deciding on a peaceful, humbler life. This new life came at a cost as she still had to serve the forces of good and plenty. It was then that she met her husband, a master conjurer of mystical constructs. It was in this union of creators that she beheld her final revelation; to prepare nourishing cuisine from the Earth to feed the hungry populace.
Under the cover of night, she began her training at L'Academie de Cuisine. She worked hard and failed often, but learned much from her wise Masters. As she moves forward in life, she remembers:
"If the beginning of wisdom is in realizing that one knows nothing, then the beginning of understanding is in realizing that all things exist in accord with a single truth: Large things are made of smaller things." - Gaius Secondus, First Lord of Alera

Photo Credit: Michael O.Kirby, Jr.